Top Stops on the Road to Hana in Maui

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The Road to Hana is a 64.4 mile highway on the island of Maui. It is famous for its windy roads, endless views and incredible adventures along the way.

Since this can be a entire day of fun, you will want to be prepared.  First plan on leaving early and arriving in Paia around 7/7:30am. You will want to fill your car with gas in Paia since there are not many gas stops along the way. Second you will want to pack a few essentials. A cooler with snacks, lunch and waters. Then your beach bag with sun screen and a beach towel. you may want to have your swimsuit on and ready to enjoy.

My family and I have experienced this drive a few times. There are many stop along the way, here are a few of our favorites.

Mile Marker #7: Pay attention during your drive, this stop is just before mile marker #7 and just a small trail entrance. You will enjoy a hiking trail through bamboo to see 4 waterfalls. This stop is an incredible experience. To get to one of the waterfalls it is a interesting climb.  It also offers a rope swing, so make sure your swim suit is on!

Mile Marker #17: Keane Peninsula. The views are amazing, a perfect place to picnic or buy banana bread.  I love to just take in the view here and watch the waves crash. In 1946 this peninsula was hit by a tsunami and the only thing left was this cute little church. You will have a chance to walk thru it.

Mile Marker 23: Pua’a KaaState Wayside Rest. You will find restrooms, a picnic area and waterfall. This is the perfect water fall to take a swim and cool off.

MM #32.2 Wainapanapa Stat Wayside Park. You will want to take your time here.  Continue to explore because there is something around every corner.

Besides the epic scenery there are hikes, a blowhole, a black sand beach , ocean caves, sea arches, and so much more.  With so much to enjoy at this one stop, Wai’anapanapa should be a must on your list!

Along the way you will find a few food vendors. Yes, we packed a picnic lunch but we were ready for a snack and we love to support these hard working small businesses. Besides some of the best food can come form small food stands. This one stick out to us. Our plate and chop sticks the cook collected from nature. He raised his own pork and has his own garden for his menu!  Pork, Chicken, Rice, Beans and you cannot forget the coconut water. It was delicious!

The last stop was closed this last winter. However when were were in Maui 2 years before we got to experience the Pipiwai Trail that leads to the Waimoku Falls and Seven Scared Pools. These were top on my list and I love every moment of them.  The Pipiwai trail was full of bamboo and when silent you could sometimes hear the bamboo making music! At the end of this trail was Waimoku Falls! Once we returned from this 2 mile hike we enjoyed a swim at the seven scared pools. This stop can be closed form time to time due to mother nature.

The one tip I can share with you is to not pressure yourself to stop at every stop. Pick 5 to 7 stops and just enjoy them! Also be flexible. You have plan but when see something of interest, go and enjoy!

Our first time taking this drive we used the cd. It educated us on the Highway and helped us selected our stops.

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