Meet Nichole

jump-on-my-journey-final-0144Welcome to my website, I am grateful you stopped by! You will soon learn that I have several passions that drive me each and every day. I have provided a little background information on myself and I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about you. My hope is that you will take a look around and if your desire is to get more out of life, you will find a few new but simple changes you can implement in your life to maximize your potential.

I am married to the love of my life, Brian. He is my biggest fan, supporter and encourager. I would not be here today without him! My one piece of advice to husbands is this, “Love your wife unconditionally. Let them unleash their dreams.” Together we are raising our three children, Devin (17yrs), Dylan (14yrs), and Lauren (11yrs). Raising teens has been a blast (so far). We live in the country on 10 acres, love to spend time up north at the lake, on our boat wake surfing, traveling and just being chill for movie nights!

From a young age, I have known I would one day own my own business. As I grew older I knew I never wanted anyone to tell me how much time I could take off or when I could take a break. However, I had no idea where this dream and desire would take me.

For a few years when my children were young I worked part time which allowed me to be free enough to spend time with my children yet still fulfilled my need to work with others (I love people!). Ten years ago I became a Travel Agent and launched my own agency. In these early years I remember working hard to help provide family fun money while building a business that I loved but never making it a priority to make time to take care of myself. If you are a MOM you know what I am talking about. In that life everyone else came first.  I had the desire to look and feel my best, but didn’t always make it a priority and ended up being a yo-yo dieter for many years. Five years ago, my kids were growing fast and my travel business was taking off and I knew it was MOM TIME! That is when my journey started. I did not even know what I was getting myself into. I hired a Personal Trainer who introduced me to Clean Eating and the correct supplements. Needless to say I never looked back!

Now five years later not only have I not looked back but I do not hold back. I have started a second business helping men and women feel their best!

You will find that I am an open book. I share how I balance my lifestyle, keep to my goals, have the freedom to travel whenever I want, enjoy the energy to keep up with three teenagers and still enjoy a glass of wine and my mom’s cheesecake!

Things I love:

HOT weather- the hotter the better

Being a wife





My kids!

Good FOOD!


IsaLean Shakes with Greens!


Coffee and more Coffee

Time with family (I will admit I am the world's best Auntie!)


Road biking

My mom's cheesecake

Hot Yoga

Designing my days!


I look forward to getting to know you! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Are you ready to start your journey?