Be active

Did you know that Americans, on average, sit 13 hours per day?


What we often hear is ..... “You need to workout.” This directive can be both intimidating as well as vague. We are all

at different points of our Journey, so when we hear the word “Workout” many immediately think: Gym Membership.

While a gym membership can be a great idea, often times we forget that there are many other workout options.

Instead of setting a goal to workout, I challenge you to look at it as “Being Active.” Take some time to review where

you are at in YOUR Journey. This will help you know where to start. A good start for you might be at home on a

treadmill or a beginner workout video. Maybe getting started is joining a few workout classes because you know you

need some accountability or that extra push to get moving. Or maybe you are ready for a Gym workout.

There is no right or wrong way. Just Be Active!


A few ideas for an at home workout …
  • Workout Video
  • Treadmill or Elliptical
  • Plan a Tabata Workout (a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, featuring exercises that last four minutes)
How to find a workout class. . . .
  • Ask friends for a referral
  • Google search a type of class that is of interest to you!
Gym workouts
  • Location for your gym is KEY!
  • Hire a trainer who will teach you form and help create a great workout plan for your goals.
Get outdoors!
  • Play with your kids at the park
  • Go for a walk or run
  • Go Biking
  • Go Paddle Boarding
  • Go Kayaking
  • Go Hiking
  • Play tag with your children!

Another key factor is the frequency of your workouts. Again there is no right or wrong number of workout days per week other than giving yourself at least one rest day. Weather you plan for three times per week or five, the key is to schedule them in and treat them as if they are an important meeting with yourself. The second key is to have a plan as to what you will do during your scheduled workout time. This will save time and allow you to be more productive.


Remember whatever you do, have fun!

“You do not have to be great to start but you have to start to be great”

Take some time to check out our Free Workouts and make sure you stop back to visit my blog for more inspiration on “Being Active!”