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Wedding in the Riviera Maya

Nichole booked our destination wedding to Riviera Mexico in October 2010. She had worked with me, my new husband, and about 17 others that attended our wedding for almost a year. This was probably the most detailed and challenging part of our wedding planning process. Not only were we working with people in another country that did not speak our language very well, but she was working with family and friends of ours that had budgets and special needs/requests. Nichole was very professional and always made sure that my new husband and I were in close communication with her on any updates she had for us during the booking process. Even when there were challenges with the wedding coordinators at the resort (Nichole knows what that means 🙂 ) Nichole always kept us in the loop. We felt very comfortable working with her and developed a strong relationship along the way. Thank you Nichole for making sure that our trip and wedding was so amazing! You always got things done for us and never took no for an answer. Your persistence, patience, and dedication to our group made our wedding.