3 Ways to Upgrade Your Next Vacation

I appreciate really good service, excellent food, and a comfortable bed with soft sheets. After my recent trip to Mexico, I have been thinking a lot about the quality of our vacations. I get it – there is a time to go with a little fewer frills, but seriously, it is so much fun and relaxing to enjoy extra special amenities! This last trip I was not even missing my bed at home the bed at my resort was extra comfortable.

Here are 3 ideas for ways you can upgrade your next vacation:

  1. Upgrade your seats on the plane. There is nothing like a little more leg room, more snacks or
    even a meal when on the plane. When you are in an upgraded seat the time actually goes by
    fast and you are comfortable! Try it!
  2. Upgrades your resort. Think about your last few vacations, they maybe have a little the same in
    quality. Look for great reviews on food and beverage quality. Look for their extra services.
  3. Book a unique room. I challenge you to tell me “you want a really nice room” instead of “I do
    not care about my room”. Imagine a butler or concierge service being right on the ocean, a bed so
    comfortable you do not even miss yours from home, or relaxing in your own private jacuzzi. This sounds so good, right?
  4. Plan a private excursion or book a Spa Day! With either one of these, you will feel a little spoiled.

It is your vacation, enjoy it to the max! It is fun to treat yourself.

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