5 Sunday Tips for a Planning a Successful Week

They say failing to plan is planning to fail. I believe there is so much truth to this in all areas of life – so much, I’ve broken it down into five simple steps. I make these a priority each and every Sunday to set my week up for massive success.

5 Sunday Tips for Planning a Successful Week

  1. Get out a calendar. I write down everything for the week on the calendar – yes, the good old fashioned pen and paper way. Some of the things on my list include: grocery shopping, work, workouts, kids activities, and morning prayer time.
  2. Plan the weeks dinner menu. I only pre-plan our dinners. Aside from dinner, my meals include meal replacement shakes, fruit, veggies, salads, eggs and leftovers. I struggle with dinner, so planning what my family will eat takes the guess-work out of it.
  3. Organized the fridge. I love to look over what we have, make a list of what we need, organize, and clean if any messes. I do this for a few reasons. One I do not like wasting, this reminds me what needs to get eaten. Also, this is how I create that weeks grocery list. Lastly, when my fruits and veggies are washed and cut I am more likely to eat them.
  4. Rest. This comes in a variety of ways. Sometimes it is a book and a face mask. My favorite is to have dinner in the crock pot so I do not have to cook and enjoy a movie after dinner. What ever it is, a little rest can help you feel reenergized for the week ahead.
  5. Get to be early. This is so important in our house. Weekends we may stay up a little later or even sleep in. But, we also tend to be a little more busy or what I call “going hard”. Summer weekends are especially full of fun! Sleep is so important so start you week on track!

For some of us, our weeks can be long, stressful, or just plain busy. When you can form a few positive habits to do on a Sunday you can have a much more successful week ahead. If you are reading this asking why I find this so important it’s because I find having these habits I find myself eating healthier, keeping to my planned workouts, more productive in my businesses and yet enjoying a balance with fun in my personal life.

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