A slice of Heaven . . .

Jason and Cassie decided to leave their vacation up to Couples Resorts and book their promotion the Couples Rendezvous which meant that they knew their vacation would be in Jamaica but did not know what Couples Resort they would stay at until 3 days prior to their departure.

We’ll they were going to stay at Couple Tower Isle, they loved it so much that Cassie called me while they were there “Nichole we do not want to come home” calls like this really makes my day!

Couples has their own lounge right in the airport.

Tower Isle features a private island.

Ocean view Room

Their view – beautiful!

Cassie and Jason


Amazing time in Jamaica. We ended up with a ocean view room with a balcony, it was perfect in every way. We are the type of people who most likely would not go back to a resort a second time, because there is so much of the world to see…but we will and would recommend this resort to anyone and hope to go back! The group picture I attached, are the friends we met in the short five days we were there. Its just so different than anywhere else we have ever been. The staff is truly amazing. The whole resort is older, but it so well maintained. It has a very historic, but clean and chic feel. Nichole, you have to go.
There were so many activities, we could not do them all while we were there. We did Dunns River Falls, Catamaran Cruise and Snorkeling. All were great, only 1-2 hours long, so you can get back and continue enjoying the resort. We did not have time for Glass Bottom Boat tour or horseback riding. You could go and not spend a dollar, the no tipping policy is very strict, we never saw anyone tip the whole time we were there. We liked that a lot, the pressure of how much to tip or who to tip is gone, after all “no worries mon.”
Food was excellent Asian Restaurant (Bayside) was AMAZING! We really wanted to do them, but we were to busy. Buffet was always great. The only con I can identify was it was truly not enough time, as I’m sure you realized with the desperate phone call. Worked out that we came home, would have been stuck at the airport in the snowstorm otherwise.
Keep me in mind if you see any great deals to Couples. Jason and Cassy
Thank you Jason and Cassie, right from the start you were such a joy to work with, I love it when my clients have such a passion for travel!

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