Why do we always pack so much?

Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever said?

“Theres more room in my suitcase!”  or “What if I need ….?”  or “Well I might need it”

Now that most airlines have luggage fees travelers have been more conscious of what they pack. Most of us always over pack. I wanted to share just a few simple packing tips that have recently helped me in my travels!

Travel Packing Tips:

  1. Check the weather!
  2. Make a Packing list; this will keep you true to what you really need.
  3. Pre-Plan your outfits. Rather then just adding your favorite clothing items in your suitcase.
  4. Roll not fold; this saves space and wrinkles
  5. Pack dual purpose items; such as 1 pair of black dress shoes to match most of your outfits. Rather then needing both black and brown shoes.
  6. Use Baggies. Pack liquids in plastic bags. This avoids any mess. You will also need to pack your liquids in carry-on in a baggie. Baggies are the perfect way to keep organized. Chargers, toiletries and more.  You will see what is where easier.
  7. Remember to be real with yourself. Remind yourself that you always have enough!

To read a few more travel tips: https://nicholewinter.com/travel/travel-tips/

Happy Travels to you! Good luck on your packing.

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