9 Tips to Do Before You Leave for Vacation

It does not matter how many times a year you travel or for how long you are gone. These may be helpful for your 2-week vacation or your weekend away. If you’re anything like me, I live for convenience. I find it much more settling to come home to a few things clean and in order. Here are a few … Read More

How to Pack Liquids When Bringing a Carry-On Bag Only

One of the most frequently asked questions I answer is what the liquid requirements are when traveling with a carry-on bag only. The airlines will allow one 1-quart baggie per person for all liquids. When you’re not checking a bag, you need to be extra careful with the liquids chosen. Note: If I am checking a bag, I put all … Read More

Since I am packing . . .

With so many airlines now charging for checked luggage many of us are trying to get it all in a carry on. Here is my example for my 4 night trip to Jamaica. Technically you can have 2 carry-on pieces, one that can be in the overhead compartment(please check your airlines website for actual dimensions) and the second has to … Read More