Since I am packing . . .

With so many airlines now charging for checked luggage many of us are trying to get it all in a carry on.

Here is my example for my 4 night trip to Jamaica.

Technically you can have 2 carry-on pieces, one that can be in the overhead compartment(please check your airlines website for actual dimensions) and the second has to fit under the seat in front of you.

I typically have medium size bag or back pack for my carry on that will fit under the seat. I fill this with many items, starting with my 1 quart baggie, in this bag will have all my liquids in 3oz. containers.

Here is the list:

Shampoo and Conditioner, hairspray

lotion, sunscreen, tanning oil,

toothpaste, 2 lip glosses, and perfume.

Then I have my magazines, a book, wallet, travel document holder, make-up bag, a baggie full of jewelry, hair things, Advil, gum, camera, flip video and phone along with all the chargers. When I mention wallet, I really only bring the items I know I will need meaning 1 credit card and my licence. Remember the more you bring the more that can get lost or stolen.

The carry on bag or backpack can be used once you are on vacation as your beach bag!

I always wear my tennies with pants that can become carpi’s, a tee and a light zip up (as pictured on the left). Your shoes are big and heavy so wear those while traveling.


One of my favorite tips on packing light are stick with a like color, so this week my color is Black, (meaning I have nothing brown) by doing this it really saves room on having extra shoes.

The above picture is the end packing result.

Utilize those front pockets. I have 2 on this suitcase and I have 3 swimsuits, 2 cover-ups, flip-flops, a headband, deodorant and facial wipes. Wipes? that is another great tip, I use travel ponds wipes to clean my face it cuts back on the liquids (I need all the room I can get in my 1qt bag).

Here is my packing list that fits in this main part of my suitcase:

3 dresses

1 skirt

4 Bermuda shorts

2 Capri’s

6 tank tops

2 small sweaters

1 tee shirt

1 high heels


flat iron and brush

black clutch purse

silver over the shoulder purse

4 sets of undergarments

1 jammie

Now remember all this is interchangeable and matches black items, I put my tanks in a baggie pushed out all the air,stuffed my socks in my heals, and rolled up my jean bermuda’s and jean carpi’s to tuck in the side.

. . . and with all those tips this will be my 3rd trip NOT checking luggage.

Keep in mind I have never tried this for a 7 night vacation. It might be hard!

Good Luck packing!

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