Eat Well. Get Active. Be You. Retreat Recap

Ever since the completion of the 30-day online challenge I hosted around this time of year, I’ve had it on my heart to have a retreat. The main reason for this calling was the personal connection. I knew it was something I was craving and there are ladies out there who were, too. I am finding more and more of this type of interaction is missing in the online world we live and thrive in.

Fast forward a year, and I hosted the retreat! Below is a recap of my takeaways, topics, and even a little glimpse at the connections from this event

Retreat Agenda

There was no shortage of high energy as the ladies arrived the day of the retreat. It was so special to have a safe place to be vulnerable. To be yourself, with no judgement or strings attached.

We kicked off the morning with yoga. In the afternoon we celebrated with ReFit, which involved moving our body with dance and music.

In-between these movement segments, we focused on relationships: with our self, with food, and with movement.

Morning yoga at the Eat Well. Get Active. Be You. 2019 Retreat

Building Relationships

I’d like to ask you the same questions I asked the ladies the morning of the retreat: Would you be friends with yourself? If so, would you feel lifted, empowered, and excited?

Achieving Your Goals, Really Achieving Them

Throughout the day, goals and relationships were a key focus. I know man you use the start of a new year to create goals. We use this time to start working toward them – some we achieve, others we do not. Have you ever asked yourself why? Why do you continue to have the same goal you have yet to accomplish? Or the same goal that you keep starting and can’t ever seem to finish. I have some simple secrets to help get you there – keep reading and I’ll share them with you!

Control vs. Control

Be intentional. We get caught up in the busyness of every day. We can either choose to control our days or let the day control us. Setting intentions is a great way to accomplish this.

Priorities AKA Non-Negotiables

Set your priorities. A good old-fashioned list is the best way to do this. What are the important, non-negotiables for you? When you identify this, you’ll notice each goal will naturally have its own priority. You can create a general life priority list, too. For example, mine is “faith, family, and fitness” – those are my priorities. I make certain nothing gets in the way of these things. And because they’re so important to me, I do what it takes to keep these things in check, daily.

My daughter and I

A Line in the Sand

Create boundaries. It’s also common for there to be goals around your boundaries. For example, it is my standard to workout five to six times a week. The boundaries I have created around this are to workout Monday – Friday unless I have a sick kid or funeral to attend. Saturdays are typically an extra day, depending on my schedule. And Sundays are for resting 🙂


Take action. With each goal you must take action. you can plan to get “ready” all you want; however, if not action is taken, nothing will be achieved. Think of this as small, positive, consistent actions which will lead to achieving your goals. This applies to everything!

To recap: Be intentional. Set your priorities. Create boundaries. Take action. Rinse, and repeat. I hope these steps are helpful in helping you build confidence, strengthen relationships, and CRUSH your goals!

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