Exciting Announcement

We are excited for 3 new amazing and inspiring ladies to join forces with  Jump on My Journey and become our lifestyle coaches. You will see them being guest bloggers, inspiration on facebook but over all helping many or our current and new clients start their journey towards better health, and happiness.  They will also be there in many other ways hosting coaching calls, assisting our weight loss challenges and more!
Meet our team!


Ovid Henry
Significant other Jamie, Mother of 3 and a go getter!

Ovid’s Journey . . . . .

For majority of my life I didn’t really ever take my health seriously, I was young and felt invincible. Granted I always believed in healthy healing. I had just never needed it to its full extent. I had gained weight and lost weight over the years. And after each of my 3 children the weight became harder to loose. But little did I know that weight was going to be the smallest of my worries. I decided to become a surrogate 3 years ago, and it was with twins! My pregnancy was great until my last week, I became very ill and by the time I delivered I had developed Help syndrome and was very close to death. It had also left me with a severe brain injury.
For 8 months of my life became a daily struggle. I had to learn how to live and function again. From waiting for my eyesight to return, learning how to feed myself again and every daily task most take for granted.

Then 8 months into my new very unhappy life. Came an amazing gift of health and life through nutritional healing and cleansing that has turned my world upside down.
My mental health has returned, and I’ve released 40 pounds in the last 2.5 years and kept it off. Just by using an amazing product line and living life to its fullest potential everyday!

Shawna Winter
Daughter, Sister & Auntie! She is the friend who is always there for everyone.

Words from Shawna . . . . . . .

I am extremely excited to say I am working to be a lifestyle coach to help you and others learn how to live a healthy happy life!  My journey or should I say my turning point was Sept. Of 2013.  I was finally done with not being happy with myself, feeling sluggish, and depressed.  I was struggling with life because of my weight.  I was at my heaviest point I had ever been.  I talked to Nichole (my coach) and reached out for help on what to do.  She had talked to me a year prior about clean eating and Isagenix.  At that time I was not ready to make a lifestyle change.   Finally the day came and I said I am doing this!  I made a 60 day goal to shed 20 lbs by my 35th birthday!  Through clean eating and Isagenix I made my goal!!

I have never felt better health wise, emotional wise or had the confidence in myself that I do now.  I finally feel good about myself again!!  I have more energy than ever before!!  I am so pleased with my transformation and have such a strong belief in Isagenix  and clean eating that I want to share and help others in much of the same way Nichole has helped me change my life!

Jenna Rudy
Husband Buddy and daughter Stella Rae. Devoted to her family she is!

Get to know Jenna . . . . . .

Growing up I was always active. Hockey was my favorite sport to play!  I my mid 20’s I became interested in feeding your body good foods and healing thru food and natural remedies. I was very intrigued.   It was when my husband Buddy saw a photo of himself and knew he need a change.  Buddy making a change gave me all the support to continue with the path I wanted to take for my family.  1 1/2 years later we are both down pounds and even more inches and we are healthy and active as a family. With the tools I have gained and learned over the last year I am excited to share with others and helping them achieve the same success.

You can do things alone or you can make a bigger difference as a team!

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