Favorite Hikes: My Top 3 Trails

Over the years of traveling to many places, I recently have found a love for hiking. I love the workout I get form a hike, being out in nature, and the incredible views to see along the way.

I often ask my travel clients to think of what activities they want to enjoy rather than a destination when planning a trip. There are endless options if you approach it this way. I’ve even planned a trip around the hikes I have on my list to try. Whether you’re a newbie or pro to  outdoor adventures, or just want to take in some beautiful scenery, hiking is a great option.

Below are my top three favorite places to hike:

1. Manitou Incline, Manitou Springs Colorado

This is a intense climb. The straight up trail is only .88 miles and gains 2,000 feet. If you love a challenge, this climb is right up your alley. Depending on your fitness level,  you could get to the top in 30-minutes. Don’t be discouraged if it takes over an hour, that’s a completely normal time-frame, too. And yes, you read that correctly. A distance of  .88 mile in over a hour. For an added challenge, add four miles down the Barr Trail on your descend.

2. Mile Marker #7, Road to Hana, Maui

This secret slice of paradise doesn’t have an “official” name for a hiking excursion. This hike takes you through a bamboo forrest to see four different waterfalls. At one point on the path, there is a small board on the trail, and at others rocks and water to cross. This is a more moderate to difficult level hike.

3. Camelback Mountain, Echo Canyon Trail

Northwest of Scottsdale, AZ, this is considered a difficult climb. Know that in order to hike this trail you don’t need to be in perfect shape. Pacing and preparation will help you enjoy this challenge. This trail is 2.5 miles out and back. It is also a intense climb over many boulders. The climb is about 1,280 feet. Again, like to other trails mentioned above, the view is breathtaking!

Appropriate hiking gear and shoes will make a huge difference in your experience. I’ve found that a backpack with essentials is key. Some staples include: Hydro Flask water bottle filled with water, nuts, FUEL gel, and protein bars. No matter how long the trail or temperature, it’s always a good idea to have a small first aid kit too.  You may not need it, but some one on the trail might be in need. Happy hiking!

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