Four Tips to Manage Your Holiday Stress

We have all been there – running around town for way too many Christmas gifts, way too much baking we just try to give away in the end, over booking our calendar for the month of December to end up so tired it makes us crash, and even so busy with the tasks we forget to relax and enjoy the season for getting the true reason.


When I look back to the time when my kids were little, I thought I had to do it all. As time went on I got smarter with how I love to enjoy the holidays. Now, this looks different for everyone. Just because I do not bake cookies, it does not mean I am saying you give shouldn’t bake cookies. The true question I started to ask myself is “Does it bring me joy?” This resulted in my simplify my December the way that brings me this:  joy.


Four Simple Tips to Stress-Free Holidays

  1. Less is more. This can be looked at a few different ways. Less gifts, or maybe even one larger gift. We love to give the gift of a trip. This makes for less shopping. It’s ok to attend less parties, the ones that just do not bring you joy. Saying no is okay. Less holiday baking, which also leads to less grocery shopping. I think you get the idea here with the concept of less is more.
  2. Continue to take care of yourself. You have worked hard all year. This is not a time to stop your workouts because you feel you have too much Christmas prep. Eat well, drink your water and sleep. Remember, when we do well, we feel well.
  3. Give the greatest present of all: being present. Enjoy this magical season. Play with the kids. Put your phone down. If you forget something or it does not go as planned, no one will notice and instead, your friends, family and kids will notice how much fun you had.
  4. Start your planning early. Baking, shopping, meal planning groceries and gift wrapping are just to name a few. Some of our lists are a little extra long during the holiday season. The more we can be prepared the more we may find ourselves enjoying the holidays a bit more!


Everyone’s holiday season is full of different traditions. These tips are for those who tend to get a little too busy or not feeling like themselves or stressed. What stresses me out may not stress you out, and what you stresses you out may not stress me out. Please use this as an idea generator to help you evaluate what you can do to have the best holiday season yet!


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