Habit Stacking – A Game Changer

Have you ever heard of the term habit stacking? I love this and have always found it so interesting. 

I love everything about habits. Well, I should say everything about creating good habits to help us live happier, healthier more successful lives. 

If you have never heard of habit stacking, it is forming a habit to ultimately build to the habit you want to take on and create. One of my very first habit stackers was working out every morning. In order to make this happen, I knew I needed to set out my workout outfit on the floor of my room before I went to bed. Then, it was laying there for me first thing in the morning. I knew if I got my workout clothes on right away I was more likely to get in my workout. This is habit stacking, just applying the principle of stacking one habit on top of another.

Heres is another example –  I love having coffee right away in the morning; however, I know I need to get my water in right when I wake up. I created a habit to put my water bottle on my night stand when I go to bed so it is there for me to drink my water right away while I make my bed in the morning after I wake up. Then, when I go out of my room I already have about 20 oz. consumed and I am ready to enjoy my coffee!

I love to also look at habit stacking as breaking down the habit I want to create. Most habits I want to create come from goals I want to achieve. Making a list of the steps you need to take to make it happen will help you see what habits you need to stack. Remember, sometimes it is just a few small habits that help you succeed in the big habit. 

Recently, the new habit I wanted to create was to get better a laundry. Maybe you can relate?! I pretty much always forget to move my laundry from the washer to the dryer and then to just completely forget it is still in the dryer. Or even worse, I take a day to fold and put away clothes. Many times, I will have a small pile on the chair in my room.  I just want to complete this task from start to finish in one day.  So, I applied habit stacking! I broke each part down to how and why I struggled. Then, I formed new habits on top of each other to get this task done.  Now when I put my laundry in the washer and/or dyer, I set the timer on my phone. This helps me go straight to the machine for the switch. This resolves my clothes sitting in the machine for who knows how long! Then, I either fold the laundry as I take it out of the machine or bring it right to my room to hang and fold. This gets me to fold right then and there, and since I am in my room folding I just put it away right away. SERIOUSLY why did I not start this 21 years ago when I had my first kid? I will probably never know the answer 🙂  It blows my mind how two new habits setting my alarm and folding in my room or as clothes come out of the machine have me completing my laundry so much faster and more efficient. 

What do you want to accomplish? What habit do you need to form on top of another habit to get what it is you are desiring?

Please know I did not make up the term habit stacking. I heard it on a podcast some time ago. I just love sharing this concept because it has helped me and so many of my clients who are trying to live their healthiest life!

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