Have checked in with your mind?

Your Mind the the most Powerful Muscle

A big part of our Journey is personal development. I was having a conversation with a friend recently. We were talking about the battle of “the up and down pattern with our weight” and why is that?

Making personal development a non-negotionable will be your game changer. Many of us go thru the pattern of taking off the weight only to put it right back on. Trust me I did this for years. You know what is the difference is now? I work on my mind, consistently. I work towards developing everyday.

Where to start you ask? First you want to schedule in time each day. For me I like to make it the same time, then I do not even have to think about it. Your schedule may change often so find your jive. I wake up earlier in the morning to get it done. I find it so peaceful my kids are sleeping, I have a hot cup of coffee and I am rested. I feel this set my mind up to have the positive attitude I need to enjoy the day.

How long for each day?  Start a with 10-15 minutes with time. Then work up to a little longer. I would love to see you enjoying 30 minutes. However you will know how much time you enjoy to have.

What to do during this time? Here are a few great ideas,

  • Daily Devotionals
  • Reading (personal development, business topics)
  • Gratitude Practice: Get a Journal and each day write a minimum of 10 things you are grateful for. Some days challenge yourself and write as many as you can for 1 minute. These things can be as simple as sleep, hot cup of coffee, health foods, able to workout! A Gratitude Practice is magical!
  • Journaling: Add in your gratitude practice just a habit of writing down thoughts, ideas, expressions! It feels good!
  • Prayer/Meditation
  • Just enjoying QUIET time: We rarely have quietness in our days.  We need it. It is important to be ok in the moments of quiet and let our mind wander.
  • Find a online coaching program

I personally am always switching theses practices up. However always doing my gratitude practice.
Why I told my friend to get back on track of working on her mind was because I knew everything else would fall into place. When we struggle we start thinking negative. “You cannot do this” “You are not strong” “You will just fall off again” Yet when working our mind we will have more positive thoughts and will feel more confident to push it in the gym and to eat healthier!

Now go, schedule it in. Get a Journal and get started. Remember one thing, do not be hard on yourself, it is not about being perfect. You are perfect just the way you are!

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