How do you start your day?

Each morning do you hit your alarm clock multiple times? Are you always running late? Maybe rushing so much you forget to pack a lunch or even skip breakfast? All you complete is pouring a cup of coffee in a travel mug? Are yelling at the kids to HURRY, when it really is not their fault? Then you find yourself stressed. By the time you are in your car your day has just started and all this is not a way to start your day.

As you proceed on with you day you may notice stress, feeling frazzled not feeling full filled or feeling bad for yelling at the kids!

Have you ever thought about starting your day differently?

I believe a great day actually starts with the evening before. Please note the tips I am going to share with you work for my family and are flexible for yours. Each evening I make sure my desk is cleaned off (because I work from home) and my kitchen is picked up. Having that completed I know I will wake up early in the morning feeling refreshed. Once I started this new morning routine I knew I needed to settle myself down earlier in the evening to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

I wake 30 minutes before my kids, this is time for me to make my bed and head to my favorite spot in my home (my seating area off my kitchen) I start my day with a glass of water then a hot cup of coffee. But most importantly I take this 30 minutes for a devotional read, prayer and journal time. As a mom of 3 our days get CRAZY however it is such a exciting feeling to wake up in the morning knowing I a going to get some me time.

                     (My current devotional is 66 first dates by Gretchyn Quernemoen,
                    I highly recommend it )

Then the next 45 minutes of getting kids ready, breakfasts and packing lunches does not feel so crazy because I have already had a little peace in my day.

I challenge you for 30 days to try a new morning routine. Set you alarm a little earlier and do what your heart desires!

Here are a few Ideas to enjoy and help your mindset:
At home Yoga
Prayer time
Daily Devotionals
This is my favorite place in my home where I start my  mornings!

I wish you the best in trying a new routine, who knows you and your children may head off each day a little less tense and happier! If something is not working or your days are full of stress try making a change there is nothing to loose only to gain!

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