I am back!

Sorry I have been gone for a little while. You know sometimes in life you need to shift your focus and take a break from a few things. Well my break was from blogging. 

As we learn to live a balanced full life we learn to say NO once and awhile. For the last two months I needed to be more present with my clients, had some personal development coaching, worked on my own meals and workouts and preparing my family for a 2 week dream vacation to Hawaii! 

Thank you for your patience in my break. I am currently feeling inspired to be back sharing with you.  As a woman many of us feel pressured to always be on top of things and to be perfect. However do you know we are perfect just the way we are. Even if we say no to something. I challenge you to look at your daily life, is there something you can take a break from? Something that can give you more you time? Go ahead and take something off your schedule for a little while. My next one is not to plant a garden this summer! As much as I love my garden I get stressed out from keeping up on it. I have a very large garden and then fun of it is gone. Just for this summer I will not plant one, then if I missed it maybe next year I will try one again or maybe I will plant grass! I will visit more of the farmers markets and see how that goes. 


 In the last 2 months I did not create many new recipes, I stuck with simple meals that was helping me get to my goals and feel better. However one evening I whipped up this stir fry. 4-6 Chicken Breast (cooked thru) then added a bag of Broccoli Slaw, Garlic and Liquid Aminos. This is super simple and tasty! I had never cooked with broccoli slaw talk about easy!img_0739


I wanted to share a few vacation pictures! We visited Oahu and Maui for 2 weeks. This was our first time visit and my goal was to unplug and be active! Well we did just that. Surfing, hiking, beach walks, Stand up Paddle Boarding really just always moving.  Also made a lot of great memories with my husband and kids! img_0767

 5 mile hike thru the Bamboo forest & seven sacred pools.

I wish you health and happiness! Spring is here and it is so refreshing, get outside and be active! 

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