I LOVE success stories!


I am always here to lead by example and inspire others to live the life that they desire. Honestly I have a happy dance for every email, text, or message from someone telling me they are ready to make a change and Jump Start their Journey! Once in awhile it will be a dear friend of my that reaches out, not only am I excited that they are trusting in me but it is because I know this lifestyle change works and they are ready!!

Meet Autumn, and read about her Journey . . . . .

 I grew up always being self conscious about my weight and the way that I looked. I was not an athlete growing up, but I always have had this passion to be one. I just simply wanted to believe in myself enough to go out and run, to to go the gym and not worry if I could accomplish a workout without looking like a failure. In September, 2010 I committed to myself that on my birthday of that year I would start taking care of my body and to release the weight that had been holding me back for so long. On October 2, 2010, with the support of my family and friends, I started with my journey…

It all went so well in the first 3 months. I had released almost 30 pounds and felt great about what I was doing. Then, I got comfortable. I stopped keeping track of what I was eating and would over indulge on the weekends because I had “been good” throughout the week. For three years I continued to slowly release weight, but I would yo-yo up and down fighting the lose the few pounds that I had lost the week before. It was a constant battle for me that I found myself feeling defeated and discouraged.

I had a friend, Nichole, that I had met a few years ago when I lived in Minnesota, prior to starting this journey. When I met her we both had pre-schoolers and husbands that would work late nights. We would spend a lot of time eating pizza together (ok, an entire LARGE pizza between the two of us). After I moved away I noticed she started changing her lifestyle. I watched her improve on so many levels and become a successful clean eating coach and personal trainer. I followed her and I would stalk her clients, yes stalk them, and watch them as they transformed their lives. I found myself wanting what she was teaching, yet I was ashamed to admit that my way of releasing weight hadn’t been working for me. I finally reached out to her in March of this year. She shared with me her passions and her visions. She wants to simply help people acheive the best of who they can be. After being coached by her, releasing the weight to meet my first personal goal, I too have decided that I want to continue to improve my health and to share with others what has helped me become what I am today.  You see, she didn’t teach me to only eat a certain number of calories a day and to keep track of everything I was putting in my mouth. She introduced me to Isagenix and clean eating. At first I was dead set against trying any product or supplement. I wanted to do it on my own and to just eat the proper nutrition to maintain my weight. I found myself overwhlemed with trying to eat clean all of the time. It was time consuming to prepare the foods that I knew were healthy and clean for me to consume for every single meal. This is where Isagenix has been a game changer for me and has helped me to acheive and maintain a healthier lifestyle. It has made me confident in knowing that I am consuming clean nutrition, nourishing and cleansing my body. My husband, Brad has jumped on board and has been my biggest supporter in maintaining this lifestyle, along with my boys. We have made so many improvements in our nutrition, making Isagenix and clean eating a part of our daily lives.

I am looking forward to the next part of my journey, my families future, sharing with my family and friends. I am now confident in knowing that what I have been taught and the tools that have been given to me are tools that I can’t keep to myself.  I have been taught that it’s consistency over perfection and that we are all in this together, so why not share what has given to me? Why wait? The time has come…

Pictured: Autumn & Nichole
Friends for over 10 years. The left photo was from 10 years ago.
What a difference now!!

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