Keeping Essential Oils Simple

I have been a very casual essentail oil user for the last few years. More recently, I have been getting
more consistent on giving them a try. Here’s what I realized: I found oils overwhelming and held back on using/trying as a result. Now that I’ve given some more time, research, and use, I wanted to share how to keep it all simple.

Subtle and Simple Ways to Use Essential Oils

You will be surprised at how many ways and areas of your life you are able to use essential oils. Here are three simple ways you can use them:
1. Apply
2. Diffuse
3. Ingest

Multi-Purpose Use

Here are a few ways we have been using them in our home:
1. Making multi-purpose cleaners – it’s simple, includes non-toxic ingredients, and cost effective.
2. Peppermint – I love this for motion sickness when traveling.
3. Lavender – diffuse for a good nights sleep.
4. Content – helps with anger management and anxiety.
5. Lemon – refreshing in glass of water.
6. A mix of oils – diffuse for allergies.

I plan to keep trying new ways to enjoy the health benefit from essential oils. By no means am I an expert, but being a consistent user has helped round a healthy lifestyle and way of life for me an my family. There are numerous articles, DIY recipes, groups, and research on the health benefits of oils. It’s a topic I now find myself enjoying and learning about.

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