Kids School Lunch all packed up!

More and more parents are making their kids school lunch. All for different reasons! I pack mine so I know they are getting great nutrition to keep full and ready for a good day!
However being creative and thinking outside the sandwich takes some practice. I want to share a few ideas and tips with you.
Make sure you have:
1. Lunch Cooler (write your child’s name on it)
2. Ice Pack
3. Simple container to hold their lunch
4. Water bottle
You can choose what works best with your schedule to prep in the evening or in the morning. Have items ready and prepped as much as possible so you do not have to spend a lot of time packing their lunch. You can even get your kids involved.
Make sure you have a variety of food groups, protein, carbs, fruit, veggie and good fats!
Fun tips:
1. Cut into bite size pieces. (remember kids do not have a lot of time and they are busy talking with friends)
2. Make it fun and colorful.
3. Do not forget a napkin and if they need any plastic ware.
 This photo is my daughter favorite lunch.
An Organic Wrap with all natural peanut butter, honey and strawberries.
I have cut in to those easy bite size pieces.
Greek Yogurt, half of banana and a peanut butter balls.
** If you school is peanut free you can use a seed butter.


Here is a new lunch I have started this year.
Organic grass fed beef sticks with a cheese stick.
Homemade Banana Muffin, Pea Pods and berries!
Pictured above is a Silicone Ice Pop holder, I mixed Greek Yogurt, berries & Honey to this one!
There is also Applegate Pepperoni with Laughing Cow Cheese in the middle, a grass fed beef stick, grapes and a applesauce cup!  ** This is a peanut free lunch!
More Ideas:
Hard Boiled Eggs
Ants on a log (celery, peanut butter & Raisins)
Apple Slices Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Any Raw veggies
Homemade Granola Bars (any homemade goodies)
Trail Mix
Dried Fruit
Veggies Straws
I have a rule and allow 1 pre packaged item in the lunch. The rest is fresh or homemade.
Do not forget the athlete in your house! For many high school students they are gone all day with practice after school and even longer is they have a meet or a game!
My son is in cross country and track and some evenings he dos not get home until 9pm.
He has a full meal replacement protein bar right after school on the way to practice or a game. This gives him the nutrition he needs!
Then we pack a dinner and a few snacks, growing active teens need to eat!
Since I pack his dinner early in the morning I freeze 1 water bottle and it keeps his food cold and he can have more to drink for later.  Pictured above is his after school protein bar, Whey Thins for fun, Sandwich with Applegate sandwich meat, fruit and Want More Energy this he adds to his water that offers natural electrolytes.
I hope this give you a few ideas to a creative healthy lunch for your children!
Happy Packing!!!!

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