Why I Choose to Supplement

Why I choose to supplement - Nichole Winter
For 7 years I was a yo-yo dieter. During this time I fluctuated within 12 to 15 pounds.  Many of us try different diets or add exercise into our daily routine to release weight, but sometimes these changes only last so long. It’s hard when life happens – travel, weekends away, and the normal business of the week. And, let’s face it, there are certain events that occur that revolve around food and keep us from our goals. Did you know 80% of how you look and feel is from what you put into your body?

3 Reasons I Supplement

I was introduced to supplements over seven years ago and have not looked back since. Here are the top three reasons why my family and I supplement.

1. I’m Busy!

We are all very busy. It is very important to eat every three to four hours to keep your metabolism going. By feeding your body a high-quality protein, you will burn more fat and build lean muscle. In our busy lives, it can be difficult to always have healthy options ready! I choose to replace two of my five daily meals with a full meal replacement shake. When I am traveling for business or running around to my kids’ events I can make a shake no matter where I am. This helps me stay on track.

2. I Eat Clean

My family and I eat clean.  This means we remove processed foods and prefer to eat more of whole, lean foods. When I eat five times a day and need a protein and vegetable in each small meal, sometimes the thought of planning and preparation is overwhelming. It’s easy to quit and get off track when your’ overwhelmed. This is where my supplements come in.  I know two if my meals are already prepped and ready to go, and full of the best quality ingredients.

3. Soils are Depleted

The nutrition even in our fresh foods is not as nutrient dense as they were years ago. For example, there is a study that shows how you would need to eat 50 bowls of spinach today to equal nutritional value from one bowl in the 1950’s.  By having the best supplements in your diet you can give your body the nutrition it needs on a daily basis

Before you start to supplement, do your research and consider your options. Find a company that has integrity. Talk to others and hear their testimonials.  Please feel free to message me any and all of your questions!

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