My favorite way to Meal Prep

Now that the snow is melted and the weather is slowly warming up Sunday nights we grill. This is also my favorite way to meal prep. We just add extra veggies and protein to the grill. Two bonuses is that because we grill there are not extra dishes and since my husband grills he gets involved in the meal prep. Shhh do not tell him not sure if he has noticed!



Yes we are busted sometimes we turn into a date night and add wine.
Notice we fill the grill, no open space.  I have containers that I divide up the extras for my
husbands lunches thru the week. If I have extra I just freeze his lunches. (I do this if I think they will be in the fridge longer then a week) I love having these individual sized lunches for the two of us.
They are ready at any time.


For those of you who know me well I prefer chicken or fish. I am noticing that I am obsessed with Brussels Sprouts. This is one of my favorite meals. Something else you should know I am all about super simple meals. We can all grill a chicken breast and cut Brussels Sprouts in half and wrap in foil. DONE a healthy dinner is that simple.
I wanted to share with you a new favorite. Sriacha BBQ Sauce. I can only find this at Trader Joes.
I love this on my Turkey Burgers and Chicken. You do not need a lot but adds a ton of flavor.
Make your next grilling night a food prep night. I promise you will not feel like you meal prepping.  Fill that grill do not waste any space.

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