My favorite. . . . .

Eating Clean does not have to be complicated. I get asked often about my favorite go to dinners. Everyone is busy doing whatever they have gong on in life, and for most taking time to making a healthy meal is not top on the list. But with such a busy life could you imagine feeding your body the right nutrition that give you the energy you need to get thru the day! Make it a priority to feed yourself good for you foods your body will thank you.

Steak Salad is 1 of my favorites! Fast, Easy! Filling!


Cut Flank Steak into Bite Size Pieces.
I cook my right on the stove top in a pan and Season with and organic steak seasoning!
I plate up either Spinach or Kale
top with Tomatoes, Peppers
& Fresh Blue Cheese Crumbles
DONE!! Easy as that.  You can pick your favorite greens and veggies. That is what makes this meal so easy it can be what you have on hand.
I hope you enjoy!

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