Nicholes Five February Favorite Things

From time to time I love share a few of my favorite things. Why? Because I love hearing from my girlfriends and mentors about things they love! Whether it be a kitchen gadget, food, songs, podcasts or anything travel related. I want to know what people love. So, I’m returning the favor to you.

Nichole’s February Faves

  1. I love a good pencil. Yes, I use a pencil for my ever-changing calendar. This .9 mechanical pencil is the bomb!
  2. For a long time I traveled with tangeled jewelry. I’ve tried several travel organizers and finally found a gem. This jewelry organizer holds many options and is a great bargain for $8.99!
  3. Fresh Brussels sprouts are a staple in my fridge. I enjoy them roasted or sautéed – just cut the stems, half, and cook to enjoy. My favorite combo is Brussels sprouts and scrambled eggs sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles. There are many ways to purchase these – fresh, frozen, or bagged. Any and all are good in my book! Target, Aldi, Fresh Thyme, and Trader Joes are many large grocery stores carry them.
  4. I adore the IT CC Cream and have been using it for over a year now. It has good coverage, SPF50, lasts all day, and requires a small amount. I’ve also slowly been adding more products from this line to my cosmetic collection.

I hope you enjoy hear what my favorite things are. Send me an email –  I would love to know your favorites!

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