One Happy Island AKA Aruba

In December I spent an entire week on the island of Aruba for the first time. Aruba is also known for “One Happy Island”. Find out why in this blog post.

Aruba is perfect in so many ways. The white sand, blue turquoise water, many beautiful places to relax, endless water activities, lots of beaches to enjoy, and plenty of adventures. This is surprising for how small
the island is.

Must Do’s in Aruba

Here area few of my Aruba favorites:

Take in a Sunset

Pour yourself a glass of champagne, grab your loved one and heading to the beach for the sunset. Each night is a different show – this is a scene you will not want to miss.

A sunset in Aruba

Go Out for a Bike Ride

This is such a fun way to enjoy the fresh air and take in many sites of the island. Head out on a beach cruiser for lunch, beach hopping , and do a little shopping!

Rent a Jeep for the Day

This has been one of my all time favorite days of adventure. The island is so easy to drive around. There is plenty to see and experience. You can drive the island in one day. A few fun spots to visit include:

  1. Lighthouse
  2. Alto Vista Chapel
  3. Arikok National Park – hiking, natural pool, caves and more! (You could spend your day at this national park and a separate day for the rest of the island.)
  4. Baby Beach

Enjoy the Ocean

Some of the most turquoise waters and white sand are found here. Get out and enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing or snorkeling. You will be glad you did. There are many beaches to enjoy besides the beach your hotel is on.

Baby Beach, Aruba
  1. Druf Beach is where the low rise hotels are – quite and relaxing.
  2. Eagle Beach is an award winning beach! It’s simply stunning.
  3. Palm Beach is where you will find high rise hotels and many water activities.
  4. Dos Playa is in the National park. It’s fun to relax or enjoy a picnic. Be watchful of the undertow in the ocean.
  5. Boca Catalina is a great spot for swimming and snorkeling!
Dos Playa National Park, Aruba

As you know, I am the traveler to loves to go out and explore and enjoy a few activities yet get in a fair amount of relaxation. I defiantly found Aruba offered all of this.

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