Selecting the Right Travel Agent for you!

These days when planning your vacation there are so many options on how to plan. Starting with doing research online, or finding a travel agent, it is actually over whelming.

Many travelers start with planning on line then start to wonder if that is too good of a deal to be true, do can they trust certain websites, or how do they know if this is even a good resort. That is where some of you turn to a Travel Agent.

Here are a few TIPS to help find the right travel agent. Do know they can make the difference in your vacation.

1. Try a get a referral from a friend on who their agent is.
2. Google or Look in the phone book for a local travel agent.
3. When contacting a travel agent ask a few questions, such as, what are your fees (if any), what is your experience and last how long have you been an agent.

Here is the answers to a few of our TIPS about the agents at Becker World Travel. Starting with our agents having a degree from a travel agent school or have been trained by and experienced travel agents. Together our agents have been in the business for over 20 years, and keep their education updated.

Our agency does not charge much in fees if any at all, most of our vacation packages we do not charge our clients fees. That is because we work with so many travel suppliers. We take price in no fees and feel as if it is giving our clients a free service of our knowledge and experience.

Our favorite things we do to keep ahead of the rest is travel many times thru the year, tour resorts, stay at the resorts we suggest, and try out excursions.

This past year Stefanie traveled Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, toured many resorts and tried a variety of excursions, such as swimming with the dolphins, speed boating and snorkeling. I (Nichole) traveled to Cancun- TWICE!, Las Vegas and Cabo San Lucas, not only toured many hotels, I had a blast touching a shark on a catamaran cruise, snorkeing in Cabo, and visited the botanical gardens at the Bellagio. In addition I will be visiting Belize, Roatan, Cotsa Maya, and Bahamas.

My favorite thing to tell clients is the minor details that can make a difference in their vacation.

We wish you all happy and safe travels for 2010. Call us today we would love to help you.

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