A visit to Puerto Vallarta

Last November I visited Puerto Vallarta. I had not been there of almost 8 years.  In all honesty I was not a huge fan of this destination. However in the last few years my clients have been returning from Puerto Vallarta loving it! I knew it was time to return. I am so glad I did!

What you will enjoy….

  1. The Beach is fun for everyone! You will not just see kids boogie boarding, the adults love it to. Also walking the beach is very enjoyable. Please keep in mind this will depend on what resort you stay at.
  2. Its not built up. Meaning you can enjoy old historic buildings and cobble stone streets.
  3. Beautiful Weather and not windy!
  4. Perfect sunsets. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy!

A Few Tips….

  1. Get out and Explore.  Visit Sayulita! It is a small village 25 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. Expect to try surfing, relax with beach side massage and enjoy some guacamole and fish tacos! Downtown Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias are two other great places to explore.
  2. Negotiate Price before getting into your taxi. Taxis are not metered. This is why is it good to know the price before you leave.
  3. Have small bills and/or pesos. It makes purchasing something easier in the small villages.
  4. Go Zip Lining! Not only are you going to enjoy the beach but you will love the mountain views. This means the zip lining is a blast. It is a full zip lining experience.

Consider Puerto Vallarta your next vacation destination.



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