Let me introduce myself, my name is Nichole Winter. I’m a wife and mother of three. Besides my hubby and kids, I have two passions in life: travel and health/wellness. I’m a small business owner of a travel agency, Destination Vacation and now my health and wellness company, Jump on My Journey. Having both companies in my life makes it exciting and I love the clients I get to work with! In my free time, I can be found up at the lake, wake boarding, reading, or gardening!

One year ago, I decided I was done with the constant yo-yo effect of my weight. I would gain weight then lose it and then gain it again. I could never maintain my weight or enjoy lean muscle.

For 6 1/2 years, I worked out and ate healthy – so I thought. However, every summer I would gain weight and then work all winter to lose those “pounds of fun” that I had gained over the summer. In February of 2011, I was running 6 miles, 4 to 5 times a week and even added baked fish into my life but my body was not changing! I coasted through yet another summer (2011) and when September came around I said, “Enough of this”, something had to change. So I decided to hit the gym for a few weeks and on Sept 29th, had my first training session with Kristi Youngdahl.
In our first session, she asked me about what I ate and when I eat! Hmmmm…typically a trainer wants to hit the gym floor and start performing exercises, not ask me about the food I eat. Immediately, I knew there was something different about her.

Here I am now, a year later down 17 pounds, almost 2 pants sizes and maintaining it! The “happy place” I longed to be! Not only did I find my happy place, but I also received my personal training certificate and started coaching in clean eating, health and wellness! That is where this blog comes in;

I want you to. . . . .


We all have a story, what’s YOURS?

Please follow my blog to find out more about the clean eating lifestyle, workouts, recipes, Isagenix products and so much more! 

I cannot wait to help Jump Start your Journey!

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