What are Your Healthy Morning Habits?

When I was working on healthier habits, I kept saying to myself “How you start your day is everything.” I knew if my day started right I would set myself up to have a great rest of the day. I was never one who wanted to hurry in the morning, I went through the motions and certainly didn’t always make my bed.

This all started when I knew I needed to drink water in the morning when I woke. After sleeping eight hours, your body is ready to hydrate. I turned this into a game. I started to bring water to my room so it was ready for me to drink when I woke up. Then, as I had my water, I would make my bed and put my workout clothes on. If my workout clothes were on, guess what? I had to make my workout happen.

Here are the things I do in the morning to help make sure I have a great day!

  1. Wake up a little extra earlier then I need to. This gives me time and I do not need to rush.
  2. Drink my water as I make my bed.
  3. Coffee and reading. I either have a book I am reading, a devotionals or I like to journal. It is whatever feels right.
  4. Time with my daughter before she heads off to school.
  5. Workout
  6. Hit the ground running on whatever it is I need to do for the day.

This is what I strive for Monday through Friday. Sometimes a meeting changes this, getting to bed late, or just not focused. I work towards making this happen 90% of the time. Remember, perfection is not a real thing. I just love this because I make a little time for myself and of course my daughter each morning. I know I feel better when I start my day organized. I hope you find this helpful and if you are striving for a

great morning routine this give you some ideas.

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