What Does Best Health Mean?

I have focused on my health for over 10 years and have coached many clients for the better half of nine years. When I reflect on this time and the way I took care of my health and coached my clients then versus now, it is so different. It’s different in a good way. What is the definition of best health, anyway?

Have you ever had a goal to get in your best shape? Or to live in your best health? Maybe it is to be healthy. It is all the same with a different way to look at a goal.  Personally, I think we all have our own definition of best health. If you don’t and have a health goal, then it’s time for you to consider what best health means to you and for you.  

Generating a definition doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some ideas and things to think of – use them as a starting point or claim them as your own!

  • Eat Healthy – What does this look like for you? What is your standard? Perhaps it is more lean proteins, veggies, and fruits. Or, maybe you want to eliminate fried foods or stop drinking pop/soda.
  • Be Active – Is it to not lay on the couch watching TV Mon- Friday and go for a walk instead? Would you like to join a gym and show up four days a week? Or, aim for 10,000 steps per day. Find out how you want to be active and how much.
  • Start the day with quiet time, reading, meditation, or prayer.
  • Be mindful of whom you spend time with. Reminder:  you start to mirror whom you spend the most time with. Are they living in a way you want to be?
  • Get seven to eight hours of sleep a night. And/or, get into a habit of going to bed earlier versus staying up too late.
  • Love yourself and where you are at and how far you have come. Many times, we set out to lose weight and get healthy but we do not take time along the journey to celebrate how far we have come.
  • Working on a positive mindset. Having a life thinking good thoughts, not being negative or a complainer. This can have you feeling healthy.
  • Reminding yourself that good health is not always being “skinny”. Skinny does not always equal healthy.

I want to share a few tidbits of my version of Best Health at the age of 44. My goal in 2022 is to be in my best health. I have this goal because for the last two years I have not felt at my best. This means I will manage my stress, I will do this by eating well, moving my body, doing things/hobbies I love to do, and finding time to rest. I will eat clean 80% of the time; however, when I have a treat I will never feel guilty for it because I chose that treat. I want to get stronger in my body, I will do this by staying consistent with my workouts, trying heavier weights, and switching up my workouts often to not get stagnant. I will take care of my thyroid (it has not been functioning correctly), this means taking my supplements and staying away from gluten and refined sugar (as suggested by a professional). Lastly, to spend time with really good people. Good people make me feel good, have me wanting to do better, and also bring joy to my life.

I want to challenge you to make a few notes on what healthy is to you. This can help you not only achieve this goal but to stay on track to meet it. When you feel good about yourself you do good. This world loves it when people do good.

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