The Definition of a Perfect Beach – What’s Yours?

For some people, a perfect beach is the most important aspect of a vacation. Blue water and soft sand is always number one the list! The Caribbean is known for its turquoise blue waters. I’ve found that each destination offers a different shade of blue. 

Being able to walk the beach is another important factor to many. After relaxing in a beach chair in the morning, many travelers enjoy a mid-afternoon walk on the bach. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic offers one of the longest, most beautiful beaches I have been on. There are people waking this bach all-day long. I have been able to travel to the Dominican Republic several times. The multiple properties I’ve had the privilege of touring all had amazing beaches. The pictures in this blog are from my travels to this incredible location.

Soft sand is also used to describe a perfect beach. You know the sand it soft when it hits your toes. White in color and gentle on your feet are a sure sign you are in paradise!  

When a client indicates they want a perfect beach, I will ask them to describe how they imagine it. For everyone, it is different. This is why traveling to so many of these destinations is important to me. I have been to more locations than I can count, which helps me to match what you’re wishing for with a location that will match.

What does your perfect beach look or feel like? I’d love to know!

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