What to Pack on Your Next Hike

Hiking is a fun way to explore nature and spend time with family and friends. Also, taking a solo hike might not be a bad idea either. No matter your level of hiking this list will help you out on your next hike. The last few hikes I have paid attention to what has been helpful to pack and have with me. This list is great for your day long hikes three to 10 miles, not a camp over hike – I have not done that yet!

Must Pack Items

  1. Weather appropriate comfortable clothing. Layering is always a good idea. Mornings start off cool and by mid-day you are warmed up. Hiking shoes or boots are difference makers. Always check the weather when packing and this will help guide you.
  2. Back Pack. The size of your back pack depends on the length of your hike. We try to pack as little as possible yet everything we need. Remember you are carrying this backpack around. You back will thank you.
  3. Stainless Steel Water Bottle. I love my Hydro Flask. This keeps my water cold and I love my hook for ease to carry. It’s so important to have enough water.
  4. Hat. It is a great way to protect yourself form the sun.
  5. Sunscreen.
  6. Snacks/Electrolytes. You need energy on your hikes. The right foods will help you. Consider non-perishable items you cannot “squish”. Some of my favorites include:
  • protein bars
  • verb bars
  • e-shots (2 oz. Energy shots)
  • trail mix
  • beef jerky
  • dried fruit
  • your favorite protein powder
  1. A small first aid kit, or at least a few band-aids. Your small cuts or even hiking blisters will thank you!
  2. Camera. You are going to see a lot of beautiful views you are definitely going to want to capture.

Being prepared, yet mindful of packing just what you need always helps make for a great enjoyable hike. Enjoy!

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