Where would you be . . . .

When you look at this picture, where do you imagine yourself?
Last year I visited Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and fell in love. After a day of touring many resorts, I headed back to the beautiful Riu Santa Fe and enjoyed a bit if R&R, now if you know me I am always with my camera. This picture came from a moment of enjoyment and I will always cherish it.
For many people it is fastly approaching that time of the year, you know when we start planning that winter vacation. The one that heps us forget about hats, mittens, shoveling snow, and windchill for a few days.
Let this be the winter, you can find yourself, in that perfect picture moment of enjoying so much warmth.
This picture states the same as the palm tree, wide open beautiful beaches, and two chairs awaiting you and your loved one.

There are some many destinations, and activities to fall in love with. Think about what you want to experience on your next vacation and call today, I would love to help you!

Nichole Winter

Destination Vacation

“We’ll take you there”


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