Working Out Without Working Out

I have many clients who tell me two things: 1. I do not have time to workout 2. I really do not like working out. Well you’re in luck! Getting creative to find ways to move your body is easy. Many times this is all we need – to just move. Get off the office chair or couch and just move. 

Movement looks a little different for me based on where I live and the season we’re in. the season. Living in Minnesota For me in Minnesota this is seasonal. Depending on the season the ideas look different for me. While you are reading through this blog take a piece of paper out and make some note of ideas you like or new ideas that come to your mind. 

Activity ideas for warm weather:

  1. Push mow the lawn.
  2. Take your kids to the park and play with them (do not sit on the park bench).
  3. Go on a walking date with a girlfriend instead of a coffee or lunch date.
  4. Go on a bike ride with your husband for date night.
  5. Go paddle boarding or kayaking. 
  6. Play tag with your kids. 


Activity ideas for cool weather + Winters in Minnesota: 

  1. Speed clean your house.
  2. Go snowshoeing, skiing or snowboarding. 
  3. Take the kids out sledding. 
  4. Go ice skating on date night. 
  5. Shovel snow from your driveway or sidewalk. 
  6. When you’re on a phone call, walk for the duration instead of sitting. 


There are solutions out there for everything. The lack of time or disliking of actual workouts is no problem you have some ideas to do on a more consistent routine. However, if you love to workout or have a great routine at home or the gym, these ideas are still great for you. I just consider them a bonus. Living an active lifestyle is great for everyone. 

Wishing you the best of creating a habit of movement!

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