6 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is an essential part of keeping your home or workspace organized and fresh. It’s a time to clean up the clutter and mess from the winter months and start fresh for the coming spring season. Here are some useful tips to help make your spring cleaning easier and more effective. 1. Declutter and Donate Start by decluttering your … Read More

How I Build My Immune System

Did you know there are many ways to build your immune system? I’m sharing some some simple ways to do so. Paying Attention I know this has been a long year for many of us. Some even just want 2021 to arrive already. Here in Minnesota, the winter tends to be our flu season. This is when many of us … Read More

Keeping Essential Oils Simple

I have been a very casual essentail oil user for the last few years. More recently, I have been getting more consistent on giving them a try. Here’s what I realized: I found oils overwhelming and held back on using/trying as a result. Now that I’ve given some more time, research, and use, I wanted to share how to keep … Read More