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Let Destination Vacation help you plan a fantastic Tropical Destination Wedding or Unforgettable Honeymoon.

A tropical Destination Wedding gives you and your guests an opportunity to enjoy new surroundings, create special memories, have fun, and share in your joy. An unforgettable Honeymoon gives you and your mate a much needed-vacation to get away, relax from wedding planning stress, grow closer as a couple, and embark on new adventures.

Travel possibilities are endless. To determine the perfect locale, Destination Vacation created five simple and important tips to follow when planning a Destination Wedding and Honeymoon.

  1. Decide where to go. Visualize yourself enjoying your wedding and honeymoon. Describe it to your partner in a couple of words. Examples include: a warm, sunny, beach; crisp, clean mountain air; winery taste-testing tour. These few words can help narrow options. If visualizations vary, you can blend ideas together and find what works for both of you.
  2. Discuss budget. Travel agents know costs. Ask a professional what couples typically spend on the type of destination wedding and honeymoon you want. From there, you can determine comfortable spending limits.
  3. Use a travel agent. Travel agents are professionals who plan vacations of a lifetime for a living. They know destinations, resorts, and the tourism industry. Travel agents will find fitting locations, hotels, and introduce you to amazing excursions and experiences.
  4. Allow time to plan. Time is vital. You will need to arrange for passports, visas, and ensure IDs are valid. You will also need to schedule a vacation from work and activities. Determine how long you can be gone. Making early travel plans often prevents some pre-wedding stress. As you know, a wedding couple’s to-do list gets lengthy. Invite people early to destination weddings. Your guests also need time to successfully obtain their documents, make needed work and family arrangements, and save money for the trip!
  5. Have fun! Your wedding and honeymoon are two of the most exciting events of your life! You are connecting deeply, affirming your love, and taking your first vacation as a married couple. At Destination Vacation, owner Nichole Winter works hard. She eases stress and makes planning weddings and honeymoons fun. Contact her and make memorable decisions!

With 20 years in the wedding industry, Nichole is the “go to” person for destination wedding and honeymoon planning. She thinks of every detail and leaves no stone unturned! Her passion and knowledge of travel helps create unforgettable vacations. Nichole’s customer service expertise and ability to recognize peoples’ values, interests, and needs makes her special.

Start planning your special occasion travel today!

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