Top 5 Reasons Why To Book With A Travel Agent

Often I get asked, “Why would I book with a travel agent when I can do it myself?” or “What is the difference between booking with you verses online?”. Both are great questions. My funny answer to this is, “I do not cut my own hair; I leave it up to my stylist. Yes, I could probably cut it myself but it is not worth the risk or will it turn out like I envision it? I want a professional who is trained, to do it.”

Top 5 Reasons to use a Travel Agent:

1. Saves You Time: Did you know that over 20% of travelers that book online put over 5 hours into planning? With that statistic, I find myself wondering if they got the full vacation experience they were looking for? We all have busy lives, why not leave it up to the experts to plan your vacation and then, you can enjoy your weekend or free time.

2. Expertise and Knowledge: I understand that it is fun to look at all the vacation options at first, then reality may sink in that you have never been to that certain resort nor have you even heard of it before. Most travel agents have the opportunity to travel through the year learning about the destinations and resorts as well as attending trade shows and training. It is such a great feeling when I can tell a client a personal tip from experience about their vacation plan.

3. Real Person: Often times when calling the mass travel websites you will get an automated answering system, get passed from person to person, or if you have to leave a message that a travel agent calls you back in a timely manner. It is just not that common any more to speak to a actual person without getting transferred around or getting a timely call back. We know what a great feeling it is to get a person on the phone and better yet, they make you feel important and that you’re just not another caller. Also, if you should have any problems with your travels then it is all the more important to speak directly to a person. When booking online sometimes it is even hard to find a phone number much less get a real person on the phone.

4. They Think of the Whole Package: A “great” travel agent will start to think about how to make your trip more of an experience for you from the moment you called to discuss your vacation. For most of us, this is so important and it is what makes it not just a transaction. These key points of interaction is where you build that relationship and trust. It makes you proud to have a Travel Agent on your side!! Remember it is not just about the plane ticket you need.

5. Save You Money: Many travel agents do not charge a fee to do the research and even book your vacation. I like to look at it like our knowledge to help plan your vacation is free! What a bonus.

If you are thinking about a vacation, consider using a travel agent, one that is excited and honored to help you plan your experience.
We look forward to working with you!

Nichole Winter
Travel Specialist/Owner of Destination Vacation

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