I just helped Buddy and Jenna find a simple, but fun vacation to the Occidental Grand Xcaret in Playa Del Carmen. When Buddy called me all he said was “Nichole get me outta here, I need to go somewhere warm.” I asked him a few questions, but seeing he is a repeat client of mine I knew what he like in a vacation. They were set to depart January 10th and return the 17th. On Sunday the 17th my phone ran, they had just gotten of the plane and had already called me. This was Jenna’s exact words “Thanks for hookin‘ us up Nichole it was great and we love it!”
Can I tell you that is why I love what I do, in Jenna’s way of putting it hooking up my clients!

Below are some of their pictures of the Occidental Grand Xcaret, this resort is excellent for couples and families. It is a huge resort with so much to see and do.

One of the pool areas, I love the landscape around it.

This is the opening to the beach from the ocean, what a beautiful view.

This is the beach, look how blue it is.

This is a excellent 4 star resort that offers 11 dining options, 9 bars and lounges and 5 swimming pools. Not to forget the entertainment it is pretty spectacular. This resort is also attached to the ecoarcheological Xcaret Park, where you can enjoy snorkeling through ancient caves and underwater gardens, swim with dolphins, or observe jaguars, butterflies, and so much more.

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