5 Tips to Do When You Return Home From Vacation

Recently, I shared  9 Tips to Do Before You Leave for Vacation. This info is a follow-up for when you return home from vacation. While they may seem small, these tips truly make a difference.

Whether you’re gone for one day or ten days, coming home to lack of energy and unpacking is something we all dread. Here are five things that will help you bounce back into your ‘normal’ routine a bit more easily.

  1. Hydrate. Fun fact; the human body loses about 8 ounces of water per hour on an aircraft at altitude, mostly from breathing. Most of our jet leg comes from being dehydrated. It is very helpful to start hydrating the day before your flight and the day after. I love to use Hydrate, which is a clean version of Gatorade/Powerade you can add to your water for extra electrolytes.
  2. Unpack – the moment you get home or ASAP. This has been a game changer for me. I put all my laundry in the hamper and start that same day or the very next day. My bathroom items and shoes are put away immediately. The extra travel items I use just for trips are kept in my suitcase. These items include my travel sound machine, Apple AirTag, packing cubes and a beach bag. No one wants to look at a mess of a suitcase in their room for the next week.
  3. Grocery Delivery – This is only on this list because I know some of you skipped over it on my list of what to do before you leave. Grocery delivery is a game changer. When you come home, the fridge is typically empty, and you are too tired to go shopping.  you do not have a delivery service in your area, set up grocery pick up for on the way home the airport.
  4. Get Sleep. The first two nights after you are home, go to bed early. This will get you back on schedule and help you with your energy.
  5. Skincare. Take care of your skin. Along with hydrating, give your skin some love too. A face scrub, mask and hydrating eye patches are some items to help your skin bounce back. After my mask I love to put a vitamin C serum on as added bonus. You skin will thank you and leave you feeling refreshed!

The jet lag and tiredness can last a few days to a week depending on your travels. Take care of yourself with a few small details that will make such a difference.

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