A Day of Fun in the Sun

Recently my family and I enjoyed a day at Xel-Ha. It is located in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico and is a natural aquarium park adjacent to the ocean. You can enjoy a day full of activities from snorkeling, relaxing down the lazy river, zip lining into the water, cliff jumping, caves and so much more. The park is all inclusive which means your drinks and meals are included. If you want to take your experience to the next level you can swim with the Dolphins, Sea Trek (walk under water), visit with the Manatees, and Snuba (a combo or snorkeling and diving).  During our visit there my son and I swam with the Dolphins, this has been on my bucket list for a while now, what an amazing time we had!

Xel-ha is great for families, couples and groups. I noticed right away different options for all age groups. Beside the Dolphin swim my favorite was the snorkeling. We were not in the middle of the ocean therefore no large waves and was easy for my kids to learn how to snorkel!  We spent the entire day just going from one thing to another, and of course not enough time. My oldest just kept wanting to find new spots though the park to snorkel.

 Next time you are down in the Riviera Maya area consider a day at Xel-Ha!

                                                             Dylan ready to snorkel!

                 Brian, Devin and Dylan are selcting thier life jackets before heading out to snorkel!

The water there was so blue and many fish to see! The kids were always letting us know what they saw.

I hope this makes you think of your Bucket List . . . is there a dream activity or destination you have on your list? There is nothing more fun then crossing something off and always adding something new!

For me and my list I may have crossed off Swimming with the Dolphin’s but added a few things:
     1. Drive the road to Hana in Maui
     2. Enjoy Gelato on a Patio in Italy
     3. Zipline & Hike around a Volcano in Costa Rica

                   There is so much to see and do in our lives, lets get out and have fun!

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