A Honeymoon to Remember

A perfect picture honeymoon for a perfect couple . . . . where else but in the beautiful Island of Maui, Hawaii.

I was so excited to hear from Kindra and David this last February concerning the planning our their honeymoon. One of my passions are honeymoons and that maybe because of my own personal experience of my own honeymoon it was 10 years ago and we still talk about it.

Kindra and David already knew where they wanted to go however it was my job to personalize it find the perfect resort, and even suggested a convertible, in Hawaii this is a must! Below are some great pictures they have shared, you may notice that they visited the Pearl Harbor, I helped them plan a day trip over to Honolulu! It is a very fun and easy day trip no matter where you are in Hawaii.

This is what Kindra had to say about her and Davids honeymoon:
When trying to think of a destination for our honeymoon Dave and I wanted something tropical but low key and relaxing. Somewhere that we could both enjoy! We thought of Maui! Once we agreed on a destination we asked our DJ Adam Welz if he knew of any good travel agents. He gave us Nichole Winters contact information. Once we contacted Nichole everything went so smoothly. She listened to what we wanted and researched packages for us, and helped us in contacting someone at our Hotel so that we could pre-plan activities while in Hawaii. At such a hectic time for us planing our honeymoon was the easiest thanks to Nichole.

Westin: We both enjoyed the resort. The landscaping by the pool areas was so beautiful, and waterfalls were everywhere! It was so relaxing to sit by the pool! The staff was so nice, and the hotel lobby was beautiful. The first night when we arrived at the hotel we were so tired from the long day of traveling, and we were graciously greeted by the valet, then we walked into the lobby and the first thing we saw was a waterfall, and pink flamingos! The hotel offers so many activities! Great for all ages! The hotel also has stores where you can buy gifts, and necessities ( drinks, cameras, sun block, ect. and is open late!
Favorite Thing we did:We both enjoyed every moment of our stay! The surf lessons that we had right outside the Westin were a lot of fun for both of us! The instructors and staff at the school are very patient and so kind!We also enjoyed the drive to Hana. ( We drove in our rental car, but there are tours you can take, but we enjoyed being able to take our time at each stop!) If you drive the road to Hana on your own there is a special CD you can buy, and you start to play it at a special point ( directions and map come with the CD) and it will tell you what you are seeing! It was great! There were so many beautiful stops on the way!
We also enjoyed the Gemini Sailing Tour and the Pearl Harbor tour! The staff on the Gemini was so nice and very welcoming!

. . . and Thank You David and Kindra you were a joy to work with, I love helping clinets with such an important vacation as a new married couple.

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