A love for travel . . . .

Many of us love to travel and we even know when that love started. For me, it was my honeymoon but when I really look back, it may have been in Junior High or High School when I would travel with my dad in his semi truck (he is an over the road truck driver). I spent many week long rides in his truck hitting about 20 states just along for the ride, checking out the views and having slug bug contest with my dad!!! At this time, I never knew my love for travel would grow and that these road trips would be the start of it. I always just thought is was quality time with my dad!

When I was done with high school, I went off to college and traveled during that time too. Although I had these other opportunities of travel, I always look back at my honeymoon, which was over 12 years ago, being the most memorable vacation I had ever taken.

Honeymoons are one of my travel planning specialties; I get so excited when a couple calls for a honeymoon! Most likely because of my own honeymoon experience, I remember getting on that plane with my new husband just being the two of us for the next 8 days, doing whatever we wanted (we pretty much laid at the pool or the beach for 8 days). Based on a referral from friends, we stayed at Sandals in Negril, Jamaica.

For those of us who love to travel, we know when that love began! The neat thing about traveling is what you get from it…for some, it is a relaxing week away from it all, sometimes we learn from a new destination or experience, or maybe it is much needed family or couple time and sometimes, it is a get away just to kick back and have fun with friends!

Wherever your travels may take you and whatever you get from it…Enjoy!

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