Being Creative

As the leaves are turning colors and the crisp is in the air for many this is prime time to head out and enjoy their workouts outdoors!

I want to share a few creative ideas for your workouts!

1. Find a hill any size, pick a length of time for example 20 minutes. Run as hard as you can up the hill then a nice jog down the hill at the bottom complete a leg move, my favorite is a jumping lunge (12 reps) or a jump squat (12 reps)

2. Find a set of stairs, pick a length of time for example 15 minute. Again complete a leg move or maybe some push ups at the top and bottom. Create a pattern; up and down 4 times then 12 push ups, up and down 4 times then burpees!

3. Pick a distance in the Road, maybe it is electric pole to the next or each block, sprint, then walk, then skip, then high knees, then butt kicks. Are you with me? Pick a distance and your moves to create your pattern!

4. In a room in your home or out in the drive way; warm up for 5 minutes by running in place, butt kicks, and high knees.  Then create plank crank, select 5 to 6 or your favorite plank moves do them all at once then break. Repeat this 3 time. You want to take it up a notch at the end of each round hold in a low plank.

There are 4 fun, easy, no equipment, you pick the length and make it intensity! DO not be afraid to use your resources to get creative and push yourself. However if you completed a workout and loved it, write it down and add it to your workout binder! You are going to want to do it again.

It is so important to get out and get your body moving! Take 3 to 5 times a week to do so.

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