What are Your Healthy Morning Habits?

When I was working on healthier habits, I kept saying to myself “How you start your day is everything.” I knew if my day started right I would set myself up to have a great rest of the day. I was never one who wanted to hurry in the morning, I went through the motions and certainly didn’t always make … Read More

How to Pack Liquids When Bringing a Carry-On Bag Only

One of the most frequently asked questions I answer is what the liquid requirements are when traveling with a carry-on bag only. The airlines will allow one 1-quart baggie per person for all liquids. When you’re not checking a bag, you need to be extra careful with the liquids chosen. Note: If I am checking a bag, I put all … Read More

Beauty, Fun, and All Things Lake Tahoe!

I recently got to travel to Lake Tahoe. Over the years, I have heard really great things about this destination. And, after visiting this location I have to say it was even better than I imagined. Yes, I already know what you’re thinking. I am from Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, why on earth would I be so excited … Read More

I Finally Went to NYC!

For a long time, I let the big city of New York intimidate me. When my kids were little, time away meant time relaxing. Now that they’re older and I have a more active lifestyle, I look to explore. And, with my 40th birthday approaching, I thought what better way to celebrate living in a new decade by visiting a … Read More

What to think about?

You know you want to go on Vacation, and for most of us from Minnesota we know this time of the year we are thinking a warm destination. So you ask yourself where do I start and how do I plan the right vaction for me?Here are a few tips and questions that may help you in your planning. 1. … Read More