What to think about?

You know you want to go on Vacation, and for most of us from Minnesota we know this time of the year we are thinking a warm destination.
So you ask yourself where do I start and how do I plan the right vaction for me?

Here are a few tips and questions that may help you in your planning.

1. First think about where you have gone or have not gone.
Do you want to go somewhere new or do you like to re-visit a destination

2. When you think of your vacation can you describe it in 3 works?
For example ” warm, beach, & relaxing” or maybe it would be “shopping, active, & food”

3. We know there are many ways you can plan you vacations first what some to mind is the service of a travel agent or booking online. It is o.k. to do your research but remember travel agents are trained in helping you. I know most travelers think agents charge large service fees, so when calling just ask do not be afraid, and keep in mind some agents do not charge.

4.When you seek for the help of a travel agent it is o.k. that you may not know where you want to go, remember it is our job to help you!

5. Back to your research think about amenities at your resort, activities in the area, do you want night life or relaxing ? Do you want an oceanview room? Think about your flights are you ok with a layover or straight flights are a must?

This is a great START to helping you plan your next vacation. Give us a call today to help you enjoy 320-241-0355. We look forward to working with you.

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