8 Items to Pack for Your All-Inclusive Vacation

Packing for your next beach vacation is always exciting. But, there’s always that lingering feeling that leaves you wondering what you forgot to bring or pack. Guess what? I’ve found that feeling does not go away with time. What I have found are eight items to really make a difference when you find yourself hanging out beachside. Eight Essential Items … Read More

Why do we always pack so much?

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever said? “Theres more room in my suitcase!”  or “What if I need ….?”  or “Well I might need it” Now that most airlines have luggage fees travelers have been more conscious of what they pack. Most of us always over pack. I wanted to share just a few simple packing tips that have … Read More

What’s in your luggage?

  With most airlines charging for luggage these days, it has made travelers think twice about what they are packing. Most of us already over pack and in the end do not want to pay extra fees for additional or over weight bags. Here are a few tips for the next time you are packing for your trip. 1. Consider … Read More

I did it!

To continue on the Packing light, I just got back from Las Vegas for 4 Days and followed the packing in one bag article I earlier posted. For me it was thinking a bit different, and at a few times it drove me crazy not having a selection of clothing items to pick from. As I started to pack for … Read More

How to Pack Light

Do you Start Every Vacation saying “This time I am packing light” Then all you think about are the Luggage fees you are going to have to pay at the airport? Last Sunday I read an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune “31 Days- 1 Bag” It really made sence. In all my travels I have never packed light, now … Read More