I did it!

To continue on the Packing light, I just got back from Las Vegas for 4 Days and followed the packing in one bag article I earlier posted. For me it was thinking a bit different, and at a few times it drove me crazy not having a selection of clothing items to pick from.

As I started to pack for my departure, I would think back to what I read, so I began pick out outfits all revolving around black. This really helped for the fact if I would have pack brown then there would be the adding in of brown shoes and purse. Right there saves room!

The next new way of thinking was interchangeable outfits, and since I was not sure what we would be doing in the evening I selected pieces that were not too casual but not overly dressy so no matter where we had dinner I was comfortable. The thought I had was “I would rather be a bit over dressed that under”. This worked well.

I also selected carefully jewelry that matched more than one outfit and asking myself do I really need a curling iron? In the end I was just fine with out it.

The biggest thing was purchasing a large black purse that I used for 3 purposes, a briefcase (for the conference I was attending), my purse and carry-on. For a woman that is a big deal.

In the end, I still had a few pieces that I did not wear, and now I know that I can do this again. It was also nice to avoid the checked in luggage fees.

If you are going to try this, please visit your airlines website for all carry-on luggage rules, they are very important.

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