What’s in your luggage?


With most airlines charging for luggage these days, it has made travelers think twice about what they are packing. Most of us already over pack and in the end do not want to pay extra fees for additional or over weight bags.

Here are a few tips for the next time you are packing for your trip.

1. Consider your destination’s climate. It is a great idea to check the weather before you leave.

2. Plan each day’s outfit rather than just throwing items into your suitcase.

3. Plan those outfits in a black or brown color scheme. This will save on shoes and even accessories you will need to pack.

4. Roll your clothes before putting them into your suitcase. This tip really saves on space and it even saves on wrinkles!

5. Pack toiletries and other liquids in plastic baggies. It will save on a mess from any leaks that may have occurred while in flight. Also, since the bags are clear it will be easy to find things.

6. Split your clothes with your Spouse. For many years, I have put half my items in my husband’s suit case and half of his in mine. At least, you will have half of your clothes should you luggage get lost.

7. Make sure you put all important travel documents, passport, cash, credit cards, jewelry and other valuables in your carry-on.

8. Add a extra outfit and swim suit (if you are going somewhere tropical) to your carry-on. This may save you a shopping trip and money if your luggage happens to get delayed or lost.

9. Consider how long you are going to be gone when selecting your toiletries. You do not need full size shampoo if you are only gone for 7 days.

10. Do not forget to visit your airlines website for additional details for both checked and carry on luggage.

I hope these tips help you pack more organized to avoid over paying in fees.

Happy Packing!

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