Working Out Without Working Out

I have many clients who tell me two things: 1. I do not have time to workout 2. I really do not like working out. Well you’re in luck! Getting creative to find ways to move your body is easy. Many times this is all we need – to just move. Get off the office chair or couch and just … Read More

Full Body Home Workout

This home workout is effective and requires no equipment. Whether you’re in your garage, a hotel room, or on vacation, this is a workout you can crank out in under 30 minutes.


The snow is falling fast and schools in our area are closing. Yet you might have to still get a workout in. Remember no excuses.  You can always get in a quick, fast at home workout with little to no equipment. Get your shoes on and warm up your body.  I love to take a few laps up and down … Read More